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Bob's Lair Episode 1

2015-03-29 20:51:31 by The-Mercenary

Hi everyone! You can now watch the Full Bob's Lair Episode 1!

It's a comedy I've put a lot of work into. It doesn't take itself seriously at all and is meant to be ridiculous, with characters that know they are in a shitty plot but don't give a fuck and go along with it. If it sounds like something you're interested in then please give it a watch.

Unfortunetly the file size is gigantic so I'm deciding wether I should split it into parts and upload it here to newgrounds as well, but until then it's available at or directly on the youtube chanel at:

I'd love to see what everyone thinks about it so please leave some feedback if you take the time to watch it! 


Wow, its been a few years since I've actually done anything but I'm back into animating again. I've decided to pick up 3d modeling/animation as well. Over the years I've actually tried to complete several projects but just lost interest, but I've improved at everything from composing music to animating and voice acting so be prepared for more ridiculous flashes and other projects that will trample everything I've done in the past. 

Ostrich Jump XMAS

2010-12-27 16:36:43 by The-Mercenary

For those of you waiting for Ostrich Jump 4, I have released Ostrich Jump XMAS, which plays similarly to Ostrich Jump 4, but its more like an "arcade mode." Ostrich Jump 4 will have pre-defined objects and a story mode, along with arcade, and I may throw in a level editor if I can make it simple enough.

Anyways, check the game out and let me know what you think!

OJ XMAS should be posted on this site too soon:
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Copcicles & Other Stuff

2010-09-26 14:16:48 by The-Mercenary

Hey everyone!! Just posting an update on where things are at right now. I just released my newest animation: Copcicles. It kinda just flew through the portal, but no biggy since I kinda just made it for myself and some of my friends. I still have 2 major project I really would want to finish (Ostrich Jump 4 and Jak 4) both of which are already fully functional games and only require more content. Ostrich Jump 4 was suppose to be finished back in January, and it should have been, but school and work took a big chunk of time and I just kind of stopped carring about finishing it. I also managed to put together a band over the summer (check us out: light). So I've got my hands full, but I will really try to finish ostrich jump 4 in the next couple of months!


2010-06-04 16:08:03 by The-Mercenary

Well...despite me trying to finish ostrich jump 4 I somehow managed to get sidetracked by about 5 months. Main cause I got a full time job around the same time I was planning on finishing up all the levels. I no longer have this job and have more free time, however I'm having trouble finding motivation to finish the game now. I want to finish it though..i dunno, who here gives a fuck if it gets finished or not?

OJ4 Gamplay Vid

2009-11-17 17:16:27 by The-Mercenary

I finally got a program that can record decent game play videos, so I decided to make a quick gameplay vid of Ostrich Jump 4.

/* */
The frame rate is crappy cause the video capture program slows the game down, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect from the game. I was also going to post some game play from "Jak 4" but youtube completely messed the video up (it skipped and had tearing all over the place) so I'll save that for another day. I will be posting updates and more videos on the BackbreakerGames youtube channel, so if you like my stuff, subscribe to it.

In other news, given the success I had with "2012 in 30 seconds" I may start making more of those types of parodies.

Ostrich Jump 4

2009-10-25 16:45:04 by The-Mercenary

Yes that's right. I'm making Ostrich Jump 4, despite the lack of demand and many hate letters that I have received for the last 3 I decided to make one more. This one however is completely different from the past 3. Instead of being side scrolling, guessed it, 3D!!! well not fully 3d, but the camera is now behind the ostrich. and the objects are coming at you from the front. This means that from a gameplay perspective, It can get much more challenging, there are 10 different ways of dodging something instead of the 3 different ways the other games had. The player has to step side to side, jump, duck, and speed past objects. Since the objects come from in front of you, I can string together a gauntlet as an entire object. I also decided to add in a story mode, in this mode, the objects come at you in a pre-defined order and it will actually have a story with cut scenes. There will also be a Rampage mode, which will be more like the older games where the objects are random (though do increase in difficulty the more you go). I'll have it done sometime around December if not sooner, the engine is pretty much complete, the only thing that's left is making the content. I've uploaded the music "theme" for the menu to the audio portal. /281416

Here is a screenshot.

Ostrich Jump 4

Jak 4!

2008-08-15 16:42:00 by The-Mercenary

Hi everyone! I'm glad to announce that I'm now working on a sequal to my most popular game, (Jak 3 Gold Edition). A lot of people hated the game cause of bad controls, graphics, and just some boring segments that shouldnt have made it to the game. Well now, its 3 years later and I thought to myself I should probably make another one, and make it like I wanted to in the first place. I'm making sure the controls are as good as possible. the A,S,D keys will control walking and crouching and W will bring out your weapon, while the left mouse button will be Punch/Fire and the gun uses mouse aiming now. Space will be jump, and there are other things I havnt decided on yet. Anyways, Just letting people know I'm making the game, if all goes well I should have it done next spring. For those of you still waiting for the wrath of xantsu...well I really dont know what to do with it, the game just wasnt shaping up like I wanted so I'm just going to leave it alone until I can figure out what I want to do with it. Anyways, enjoy the first screen shot of Jak 4!

Jak 4!


2008-07-09 13:47:04 by The-Mercenary

Well it's the middle of the summer, I'm jobless and have lots of free time now. So I'll finally be able to get back to doing something with flash. As I stated in my last news post I'm going to be doing animation for a while. I'm probably gonna do some short funny cartoons and my brother is almost done with Arnold's Revenge 2, you can check the first one out here.. /view/294975 the second one is way better than that one, It might get front page, which would be the first time for my bro. Anyway, I just started on my animation so it'll be a few weeks before I'm done with it.

Just released the game for halloween, hope everyone likes it. to all the people who complained about some of the problems. Well, I had a VERY short amount of time to work on this game, I wanted to make it since september but I didnt get around to it till around october 15th, which is when I made changes to the main character and put it itno a new flash file. then a few days later I really started to work on it, and the 4 days before the release were hell, I pulled an All Nighter just to get more done. I finished the game like an hour before I submitted it, I used that hour to test the game out, but as the first few people who played it can tell you an hour is nowhere near enough to fully test a game. This is also why the graphis might seem bland. Anyway, if you liked this game then you'll love The Wrath of Xantsu, that game has some RPG elements in it (90% action) but you can upgrade your weapons and health, talk to the people who walk around in the game, etc.

Some Info About My New Game